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Register with Facebook is the home of the English Browser Based MMO RPG Mafia Game. The aim of the game is to rank up, make money and control your mob. The online gangster themed game has been running for 3 years and has over 25,000 registered players. We pride ourselves on a great community which is constantly expanding and providing regular updates so your never left with nothing to do.

Discover the meaning of omerta and your own money making skills in this massive multiplayer game. Users are ranked on experience (XP) which is rewarded within the game, there are many ways to gain money power and respect. This includes committing crimes such as stealing cars, bank robberys, drug smuggling, police chases and even taking out the most wanted users for a cash reward. Join a mafia gang and commit organized crimes with friends or start your own gang and plan the downfall of an enemy mob. You must watch your back or you will end up 6 feet under like many others.

Join in the 10,000+ community of people like you. We provide our players with a forum, private messaging and a chat room with customized avatars and profiles. Portray yourself as a true mafioso with role playing in the chat room or setting up deals in the forum, stay hidden in the shadows and assassinate anyone who gets in your way.

Room for one more? Marry or truce with a "partner in crime" to represent the strengths between you and your "colleagues". Build up reputation and make players pay or beg you for protection. We also provide tools to help invite your friends to the game along with a rewarding referrals system.

We have taken special care to provide FAQ's and missions for the game so you won't be left wondering how to progress. A help desk is also available to ask our hand selected operators to answer and game questions or any account problems you may have.

This is a free mafia game to play with the option to buy in game "credits" which can be spent on VIP items. We do not advertise on the website so you won't be bombarded with popups or pushed to read any adverts.

Click here to join the game that will have you playing past midnight.